Carpet Restretch

Over the years your carpet has the ability to move. Carpet can develop what is called wrinkles or puckers. This could be caused by poor installation, moving heavy furniture cross carpet, or much more. When wrinkles appear in your carpet it is definite sign of our carpet needing to be restretched. This can actually be a real hazard in your home causing even trips or falls.

We take your carpet through a process called Carpet Restretch in which we use professional tools to stretch your carpet back in place to its original form and look. This saves a customer a great deal of money.

Carpet Restretch

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Carpet Restretch

Carpet Restretch is done to remove unseemly buckles, puckers and poor installation. We use professional equipment to stretch your carpet back into place. Ripples, buckles, puckers and more can cause accidents in your home. We take the worry away from you and bring a fresh new look back to your carpet!

We perform professional services to restretch your carpet by performing tack strip installation. This stretches your carpet out to its original form and then we tack your carpet to bind it in place. This cost effective method gives your carpet a new look without replacing your entire carpet. 

Most people attempt to “try this at home as a special project” and over the years I’ve seen it cost them even more when they have to call a professional in to do the job for them. It takes special professional skills in order to restretch carpet and when done properly it can last for many years to come. 

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