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Just like everything else in your home, your carpets also need fixing, repairing and/or updating. Over the years we have learned top of the line techniques to restore your carpet without replacing your entire carpet. Find out how we can help you. It begins with just one phone call.

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Our story

We serve Charlotte NC, surroundings cities and parts of South Carolina.

Our story is quite simple: We put our customer first.

I am Nathaniel Miller better known as the “Carpet Repair Man of the Carolina’s”. Since 1973 we have been really good at putting our customers first. When you entrust your project with us, your project becomes our project.

carpet repair

Our values

Our greatest value are our customers. Without you we would not be in business. Each customer is a top priority. We work hard to get each job done in a timely manner. Entrust your project with us: The Company that puts each customer first!

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Our Services


Carpet Repair

We offer professional quality carpet repair services. Whether you have pet damage, tares, wrinkles, holes, buckling or even more, we are here to restore. Find out more about our services.

Carpet repair

Carpet Patching

We perform a professional service called carpet patching. In which we just remove the damaged part of your carpet and replace just that section with a new piece or patch of carpet This causes your carpet to look whole again. This is a very cost effective way to restore your carpet rather than replace your entire carpet due to one section needing attention.

1 carpet puckles

Carpet Restretch

Needing Carpet Restretch can be a result of carpet buckling, puckers, poor installation or more. Most people think that they have to replace their entire carpet. Most of the time, your carpet just needs re stretching to make it look whole again. We offer top notch carpet restretch services with years of experience, Find out more about our services.


Carpet Installation

Carpet installation involves several steps, we prepare the subfloor to lay the carpet, and secure it in place.

carpet tacking

Carpet Tack Installation

Carpet tack strips are narrow shaped lengths of wood, usually Douglas fir, that are typically used to keep the wall-to-wall carpet in place. This gives your carpet a brand new look.


carpet patch work

Charlotte, NC

Project: Repair, Refasten, or Stretch Carpeting.

Comments: Great experience. Professional and awesome customer service. Quality of carpet installed was excellent.

Gweneka L.

Charlotte NC

Project: Repair, Refasten, or Stretch Carpeting.

Comment: Mr. Miller was the consummate professional, who was timely upon arrival and he performed exceptional service.

Shari G

China Grove, NC

Project: Repair, Refasten, or Stretch Carpeting.

Comments: Was on time for the scheduled appointment and finished the job quickly. Very satisfied.

Marlene D.


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