Carpet Repair

I am Nathaniel Miller better known as the “Carpet Repair Man of the Carolina’s”. Since 1973 we have been really good at putting our customers first. When you entrust your project with us, your project becomes our project. We are committed to put forth the best effort to meet the needs of our customers.

Our History

We’ve work with professional athletes, corporate clients, and individuals and when it comes to being in business for fifty years we have found that the majority of our customers only need carpet repair and restretch and not replacing their entire carpet. Repair and restretch is a much better cost effective way to bring the wholeness back to your carpet. With that being said, we say this, we have your best interest at heart. It’s one floor at a time for us, Nathaniel Miller is a household name you can TRUST!

Core Beliefs

With over fifty years of experience we started out believing that we would treat our customers how we want to be treated and that is with respect, honor, and dignity. We always strive to see each customer’s view and work with them to get the best results. 

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We are a company that operate on values and core beliefs.

Carpet Repair & Restretch Doc is a company of professionalism that demonstrates great worth ethic by treating each customer like they are our only customer. We put our customers first. We value how you feel as a customer and meeting your needs is our priority.